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Traditional Dishes 

The food of Sikkim and Darjeeling is nourishing and does not need much fuss to prepare. However the diverse culture and ethnicities present a rich and varied cuisine, that range from the delectable to the idiosyncratic.


Sael roti is prepared from well mixed fermented rice batter which is deep fried. The ring shaped , spongy, commonly consumed as confectionary dread during festivals and special occasion. Sael roti is eaten with potato curry or with some non-veg dish. It is not usually everywhere in restaurant.


These are flat bread prepared from the flour of finger millet, normally consume with hot pickling  of dry fish.


These are the fermented tender bamboo shoots. Their sour acidic taste makes them ideal for pickling with salt and dalle khorsani [ round mirchi ] It has high content of organic acid and low pH value with rich in minerals.


Churpi is traditional cottage cheese prepared from fermented cow’s milk.Due to its mild sour taste, it is used to prepare for curry, pickles and soup.  A special type of churpi from Yak’s milk is available as a creamy white cubes of varying hardness. These can be bitten for hours for their rich, creamy juices for long times.


Ningro is a local fiddlehead fern used as vegetable. It is very tasty to have mixed with churpi.


Fermented soyabean that is available in yellow in colour viscous mass with hint of ammoniacal colour. It is prepare as pickle ,curry and soup. One need to taste this Napalese staple which many locals relish as a nourishing delicacy.


Gundruk is a sour in taste stringy black in colour mass of fermented and dried leafy vegetable like, radish, mustard. Pickle is served as side dish while soup is appetiser.


Momo is very popular Tibetan delicacy in Sikkim and Darjeeling.It is prepared by stuffing minced meat, vegetable, cheese in flour dough. These are then steamed for about an half and hour in a three tier utensils that has bone, meat, or tomato soup in loest compartment. The steam from the boiling soup rises through the perforation in the containers above and cooks the dumplings. Momos are eaten with soup or home made sauce.


Thukpa is a special kind of hot soup prepared with noodles which is cooked with meat or vegetable. It is readily available in most of the local restaurants and hotels.


Chang or Tongba is a local beer which is made by fermented millet using yeast. It is sipped from bamboo receptacle using pipe. The receptacle which has millet in it is topped with warm water for couple of a times unit of millet loses its potencies.

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