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KALIMPONG  -  Stronghold of the king’s minister..

Once headquarter of a Bhutanese Governor, the word ‘Kalim’ means king’s minister and ‘pong’ is the stronghold. In 1885, after loosing out to an armed British intervention, Bhutan ceded the territory of Kalimpong to British India. Kalimpong was the main trading centre for Tibet, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan and mainland India till mid sixties. Kalimpong evolved its own unique blend of life from cuisine,cultural potpourri home decor attracted many tourist visitor and projected Kalimpong as good halting station between well known tourist spots of the regions. Kalimpong is situated at an altitude of 4000 ft provides mild weather condition throughout the year. For the visitor a 365 day a year long holiday Is available. From spring gateway to its wet in the summer monsoon rains, from watching the rice harvest in autumn to experience the joy of sharing a blanket in the winter chill. Kalimpong is the fastest emerging as the ultimate holiday destination in the Eastern Himalayas. It is really a small place that one can go around walking to see all different places of bazaar. The 10th Mile bazaar was the bussiest bazaar during the trade between India and Tibet from where the Silk Route was started to China via  Nathu-La pass. The Gorkhas who were known for their bravery have fought many wars and Gorkha valour has won 10 Victoria Cross of 31 are from Kalimpong in Indian Army.

Kalimpong is blessed with salubrious climate that remains delightfully through out the year. It has its own charm that sets apart from other well known hill station. Under. the enchantment of sunny skies overhead, the picturesque setting makes it the home of arts and craft, the rich custumes of the Tibetans, Bhutanese, Sikkimese and the Nepalese, who meets in the town square for compliment making the bazaar as novel experience.


WHERE TO GO AT KALIMPONG .....            

1. DURGA MANDIR: These temple are located on a ridge behind the Deolo Hill which provides the spectacular view of the Sikkim hills and beyond the Himalayas one side  and other side valley of river Relli & Kafer.

2. MANGAL DHAM: The temple was constructed in 1993 by Shri Krishna Pranami, Hindu sect in the memory of late Guru Shree 108 Mangal Dasji.  Spreading into 2 acres of land, the temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna where there are numerous pilgrims comes and offer prayer.

3. DURPIN DARA: This Dara or Hilltop toers over Kalimpong and offers breathtaking view of all around. The rolling plains of Silliguri, meander valley of Teesta and Rangit, panoramic view of Kanchenjunga and Cho-La range, the Nathu-La Pass and the Tiger Hill of Darjeeling can seen from this point.

4. THE GOLF COURSE: This 18 hole golf course that is run by Army Golf Club is located at Durbin. Though army personnel patronise but civilian too can take membership on completing certain formalities. The well maintained course with its sharply indulating green makes for challenging field.

5. THARPA CHOLING MONASTERY: This is an oldest Tibetan monastery in India built in Tripai Hill near Dr. Graham’s Homes. The monastery belongs to Yellow-Hat or Gelupa sect and has an invaluable collection of rare Buddhist manuscripts and thankas. It also imparts religious training to young Buddhist novice.

6. DEOLO HILL: At an altitude of 5500 ft, the Deolo hill is the highest point of Kalimpong and it offers the wonderful panoramic view of Himalayas. The entire hill is well landscape with sitting areas, gazeos and view points. A tourist lodge is established by Govt. of West Bengal which has furnished with basic amenities. A private agencies have recently started to operate the providing 15 to 30 mins paragliding flight from here. The longer flight take upto 10 km. The huge water reservoir form in lake  is constructed here where the daily water supply will be done from this point to Kalimpong town.

7. FLOWER NURSERIES: The climate of Kalimpong is very ideal for cultivation of flowers and plants. Kalimpong is the place where the commercial nurseries was first established in hill. There are lots of nurseries started by locals for sale of large varieties of flower like Orchids,cactus, armarllis, succulents and many other flowers. The nurseries are very good to see during blooming time.

8. HANUMAN MANDIR: 8 km from Kalimpong the Hanuman mandir is located on the way to Durga mandir, is  height of 30 ft which is tallest statue of Hanuman in hill. This temple was inaugurated 5th April 2004 by His Holiness Karma Wangchuk.



After taking heavy meal, depart for Chittrey or Melli, 14 km away from Kalimpong downhill for Teesta river rafting. The White Water Rafting starts from Chittrey or Melli over river Tessta. River Teesta is Grade-4 of the International standard. The three hours rafting trip by well trained river guides using the utmost safety norms takes you an unforgettable lifetime memories of thrilling water adventure. Camping on the river bank of Teesta and Rangit at Triveni is one of the most exciting and memorable trip during holidays. Night camping with bonfire, cultural activities will be enchanting trip for everyone's life.


PEDONG:  Venue of the fabulous Fair...

Pedong is a heritage site, located 22 km away from Kalimpong in an altitude of 1425 mtr. Pedong is equipped with the necessities of life like bunglow, dispensary, Buddhist monasteries and Catholic & Pentecostal faith churches. Old Bhutanese fort of Damsang Garhi is located closed by constructed during Bhutanese rule in 1690.. This gari is nearer to Sillery village resort [homestay] which often called 'Silent Valley'. The first Catholic mission was started in 1882 by French Priest, Fr. Desgodins. The chapel still stands and flourishing as sacrad heart church. Pedong has it own historical notes on Buddhist faith, where old Bhutanese Gumpa built in 1780. The nearby  Sakyong village is famous for Napalese traditional culture and land which is versatile for world class orchids and other flower growing. Kashyang village is exclusively inhabitant of Lepchas. Teen Chulley View Point, Eco-Tourism Village, Ramitey View Point, Cross Hill View Point gives the panoramic views of the magnificent Himalayan snow peaks, valley of forest & rivers. Overnight stay at Reshikhola riverside resort or Sillery Village Resort are unique place of calm and serene that, the isolation of wilderness pierce right through the soul.


Lava is located on a pass astride the old trade route to Bhutan, 35 km from Kalimpong, 2000 mts in altitude is a small hamlet. It is surrounded by virgin forest ideal for nature exploration, bird watching and orchids in their natural habitat. It is also base for exploring the Neora valley, Rachella Pass which is tri-junction of Sikkim and Bhutan. At present many good hotels are emerged for good response tourist at Lava. Rissisum is also a beautiful tourist spot en-route to Lava from where glorious view of mountain can be seen.

Lolegoan Kafer is a dense forested region, with exotic flora, unusual serenity of the hill. Sunrise view from Jhandi Dara which rival the view from Tiger Hill.  The walk to Jhandi Dara  [6,800 ft.] to get panoramic view of Kanchenjunga and Himalayan mountain range. One can also catch breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise from here. Lolegoan- Kafer is an important offbeat destination in Kalimpong hills. Lolegoan is 123 km from Silliguri, 54 km from Kalimpong, 24 km from Lava at an altitude of 1850 mtrs. The area is adorned with towering Dhupi and Cypress trees. The visit to the heritage forest of Lolegoan is must fill of the abundant wealth of nature has showered here. The unique ‘Canopy Walk‘ over the century old mossy Oak and Cypress in the heritage forest is thrilling experience. The all pervading melodious silence will give you a new dimension of contended soul. The wilderness resorts in Lolegoan are located amidst the natural environment offering best view of Kanchenjunga and surrounding mountain. Another untouched by tourist, perhaps the best spot around Kalimpong for unique holiday destination is Samthar Plateau. Another place Rishap which worth to visit where one cna see the real beauty of virgin nature. Rishap is a place where nature  engulf yourself. These area is serene and calm plateau from where you can visit your eyes breathtaking beauty of Kanchenjunga in the west, view of Sinolchu, Chomolomo, Nathu-La and Jalep-La pass range. The plateau has charming stone and thatch hamlets, terraced field, forest with mixed population of Napalese, Lepchas and Bhutias. One can have unique experience of lonely planet for trekking, mountain biking, angling, river swimming, bird watching and forest exploring. From here there is short trek trail is also available.







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